used in Hospitality Industry

List of frequently used abbreviations or acronyms

Acronyms or short forms within the hospitality industry are becoming quite regular now. Therefore to get acquainted with all these terms will make you a smart traveler than ordinary. The hospitality industry is vast and is made up of 4 different sectors – food and beverage (F&B), travel and tourism, lodging, entertainment and recreation. Below we have compiled a list of common hospitality terms and acronyms/abbreviations to help you better understand the industry.

À La Carte: French word meaning “From The Card”, refers to a menu of items priced and ordered separately.

ABR: Average Bed Rate.

AC: Air Condition (in vehicle, hotel room etc.).

ADR: Average Daily Rate.

AGOP: Adjusted Gross Profit.

AGR: Agreed.

AGR: Average Rate per Guest. This helps calculate the average revenue generated by each guest in your hotel. Just divide your total room revenue by the total number of guests to find out the AGR.

AI: All Inclusive; related to meal / travel plan; means all taxes included.

ALOS: Average Length of Stay. 

AP: American Plan; meal plan inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

APR: Average Published Rate. You can establish this by averaging all types of rooms throughout the year, irrespective of high or low season.

ARI: Availability, Rates and Inventory. 

ARPAR: Adjusted Revenue Per Available Room. You can divide the variable net revenues of your hotel by the total available rooms to determine ARPAR. 

ARR: Average Room Rate. You can use this to calculate the average room rate from a weekly or monthly standpoint. 

AV: Audiovisual; Projectors and other equipment used to create visuals and sound in presentations.

Banquet: Dining Hall for numerous people that is generally ceremonial in nature.

BAR: Best Available Rate; A pricing system used by hotels to define a rate based on the demand and occupancy of a room.

BEO: Banquet Event Order.

BKG: Booking.

Black-out Dates: These are the dates when you don’t intend to negotiate on room rates. This is a common practice observed in high-demand days.

Blocked: Hotel rooms reserved without a deposit.

BOH: Back of House.

Booking Pace: The speed at which bookings/reservations materialize for a specific arrival date/particular future date. This can be helpful while forecasting.

Booking Window: This refers to the time gap between the booking and the actual guest arrival date.

Booking Engine: Also known as an internet booking engine, it allows room reservations to be done on your hotel website/or on your social media pages.

Bucket Check: A front desk activity via a thorough examination of the guest folio to ensure the accuracy of guest accounts.

BTC: Bill to Company.

Buffet: It is a meal serving system where patrons serve themselves.

Butler Service: Guests are served hors d’oeuvres on platters by servers at hotel.

Channel Manager: A piece of software that allows you to ensure seamless room distribution on all the connected online sales channels, including OTAs, IBE, GDS, and metasearch engines, while updating your rates, restrictions, availability on all of them in real-time.

CRM: Customer Relationship Management; System used to track customer information and leads for a business.

CMP: Complete Meeting Package.

Complimentary Ratio: Ratio of rooms offered at no cost to the number of occupied rooms.

COS: Cost of Sale.

COTB: Comparative on the Books.

COW: Cost Of Walk. This is the cost you may incur when you have to ‘walk’ the customer to another property due to overbooking or double booking. It would include the cost of accommodation at another property (could be your member property or competition) + the cost of transportation + any other complimentary vouchers.

CP: Continental Plan. Usually breakfast inclusive room rate.

CPOR: Cost Per Occupied Room.

CRM: Customer Relationship Management.

CRO: Central Reservation Office. It allows a chain hotel’s reservation agents to receive reservation/booking requests coming via phone, mail, brand website, travel agents, corporate clients, and walk-ins, etc.

CRS: Acronym for central reservation system.

CSM: Conference Service Manager or Convention Service Manager.

Cut-off Date: This is the date when you plan to release all unconfirmed reservations to the general inventory for sales and mark them as available.

CVB: Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Cut-Off Date: Date at which all unused & on hold guest rooms at hotel will be released to the public.

DB: Direct Books.

DBL: Double Occupancy; The hotel rate covers up to 2 people in the room.

DDR: Delegate Day Package.

DMC: Destination Management Company; Organization that aids planners via their extensive knowledge and connections pertaining to a specific locale.

DND: Do Not Disturb.

DOC: Director of Catering.

DOSM: Director of Sales and Marketing.

ESG: English Speaking Guide.

ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival.

ETD: Estimated Time of Departure.

EP: European Plan; hotel stay excluding meals.

EXP: Expected.

F&B: Industry acronym for food & beverage.

FAM: Familiarization Tour.

FB: Full Board; A rate that includes a bed and covers all standard meals; similar to AP.

FD: Fixed Departures; tours starting on fixed dates.

FIT: Free / Fully Independent Traveler; Tourist not part of tour group.

FOC: Free Of Cost.

FOH: Front of House.

FOM: Front Office Manager at hotel.

FR: Function Room.

Gala Dinner: Social function that generally includes speakers or performers.

GBP: Group Booking Pace.

GC: General Cleaning.

GDS: Global Distribution System.

GIT: Group Inclusive Tour (simply group tour).

GM: Gross Margin OR General Manager.

GOP: Gross Operating Profit.

GOPPAR: Gross Operating Profit per Available Room.

GOR: Gross Operating Revenue.

GRA: Guest Room Attendant.

GRC: Guest Registration Card. Group Rooms Control Log.

GS: Guest Services.

GSO: Global Sales Office.

GST: Goods & Service Tax; as applicable in India (1.24% on Accommodation, 4.9% on Transport, 3.09% on Tour Package; overall 5% on consolidated Tour Package inclusive of hotel, transport, guide and all related services).

GTD: Guaranteed.

HB: Half Board; A rate that includes a bed and covers one major meal; similar to MAP.

Half-Pension: Similar to a half-board, however secondary meal is dinner.

IBE: Internet Book Engine.

IPO: Individual Pays Own.

JP: Jungle Plan; meal plan inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner along with a Jungle Safari (either elephant/jeep/canter etc.).

LOS: Length of Stay.

LRA: Last Available Room.

LT: Luxury Tax as applicable in India.

MAP: Modified American Plan; meal plan inclusive of breakfast and lunch or dinner.

MAR: Minimum Acceptable Rate.

MICE: Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions.

MLOS: Minimum Length of Stay.

MOD: Manager on Duty.

MOM: Month on Month.

MTD: Month to Date.

MUR: Make-Up Room.

NRB: Negotiated Rate Business.

NS: No Show.

OTA: Online Travel Agent.

PAX: Passenger; Traveler.

PMS: Property Management System.

POS: Point of Sale.

PP: Per Person.

PPPN: Per Person Per Night.

PV: Pool View.

RFI: Request For Information.

ROH: Run Of House in hotel means a basic room type with no guaranteed specific amenities.

RT: Return Transfer; two way transfer (pick up and drop).

SGL: Single occupancy at hotel room.

SIC: Seat In Coach.

SKS: Super King Size.

TDH: Table D’ Hote, French word meaning “Host’s Table” (simply Fixed Menu).

TRPL: Triple occupancy at hotel room.