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Our background

With a team of professionals over 35 years of successful work in the travel industry, what else one can expect other than the proper travel guidance, hassle free holiday and budget friendly tour from these stalwarts! Our average employee experience is over 15 years.

We do the best for all of our clients.

Message from our CEO

We thank our customers who supported us in our exponential growth throughout until today. And we expect them to support us with same great spirit in coming days as well. The LEISURE TRAVEL WORLD TEAM is committed to providing unparalleled service to our customers. To achieve this, our mission remains “to build successful and rewarding relationships with all of our valued customers”. We are committed to the fundamental principle that the customer is not only important, but the reason for our business, and everyone at One Stop Travels genuinely works to earn and keep much-valued client trust. In this continually changing market, our clients are more informed than ever about their options. Even so, they continue to select LEISURE TRAVEL WORLD as their partner of choice because of our experience, commitment to quality and integrity.

Partha Dutta


the voice

Our work speaks louder

Travel is one of the purchases you make that resides in your memory forever. We, at ‘Leisure Travel World’, consistently vow by this to make you honorably rich through our satisfying dream travel offers. Since the beginning we have been moving forward through our cutting edge pre-planned travel offers and other original travel services. We awaken our clients to carry a rich life, packed with extraordinary travel purchases.

Our exceptionally well hand-crafted travel offers give you an adventure where you personally enjoy with stunning magnificence around the world. We need you to observe sensational sights that are a long ways past your creative ability.

The powerful inclination of Indian voyagers to travel more nowadays is something that keeps us inspired to satisfy their vacation necessities. Our vision to give a value driven travel offer makes us one of the main visit compulsions to our customers in this regularly extending travel industry.

All our vacation plans are readily available last minute booking. In India, we are the pioneers of implementing only activity based travel plans.

We offer best limits on our top rated visit bundles to clients who pick our viable travel products over and over. How about we remind you indeed that we don’t expect to be your visit and travel specialists; we endeavor to be your vacation accomplices until the end of time.

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the statement

Mission, Vision, Values

We emphasise on “Travel Wisely”. With the use of technology and our expert knowledge you must enjoy travel with comfort and budget. We focus on quality travel with value for money.


To help people to travel safely, happily and wisely. Our core focus is to meet traveler’s requirements with value driven travel products. We believe that travel activity brings strong cordial relationship among family and friends. Therefore travelers must enjoy their vacation hassle free.


Become the most trusted travel brand in India. We are passionate about shaping healthy environment among travelers. Every now and then we are launching attractive travel products in the market which are unique, lovable by all and simple to use.


We ensure quality of travel. We allow travelers to enjoy like a local, and most importantly we allow traveler to visit must-see attractions. These make our travel products distinctive, demanding and popular and therefore allowing more travelers to join us day by day.

We are the tourism promoters of below countries.